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"a philosophy that changes English classes into practical, interactive workshops"

I am a qualified, native English teacher trading under the name Hamburg-English. For over 16 years I have offered English language classes and courses in Hamburg corporations.


"... your employees participate in English classes with more interest, more motivation and learn faster, when their daily work can become a part of the lesson content. The more daily work that can flow into English lessons, the more useful lesson content becomes and the faster class participants learn and impliment what they have learnt into their profession."

The deciding factor in this training philosophy will be the amount of additional experience and knowledge the teacher can call upon to achieve the objectives.

Enjoyment, Motivation, Learning.

I call upon over 40 years experience as qualified engineer, founder of two UK companies, consultant and inventor to enhance my teaching of English, with the correct vocabulary and an attitude that compliments English at work.

My teaching techniques and methods will help you quickly learn English or improve your English ability. We will work with interesting situations and current events, plus we will integrate your job experiences and work to make certain your objectives are met - in a fun and enjoyable training environment.

"I believe that enjoyment breeds motivation and motivation breeds learning."

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