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English for reception and telephonist duties.

English for real estate management and sales.

English for production, materials & processes.

English for events and advertising.
Courses and Classes.

English class - a regular training opportunity to nurture new and strengthen existing skills, maintain fluency, expand vocabulary and build self confidence. The regularity of a class encourages participants to bring documents and experiences to class, thereby actively supporting their daily work.

English course - over a fixed period to intensively boost English knowledge, build competence in a specific language skill or improve English ability with focus on an industry, a department, job position, process or product.

English coaching - over a fixed period to ensure personnel,  documentation, presentations, advertising etc are in tip top readiness for an event.

English support - live support at meetings, presentations and other events.

Task-based English - combines English language training with a task for example; learning and improving ability in English for contracts, through the translation of existing contracts. (de/en).

English by Skype - for conversation practice when class attendance is not possible. Times can be arranged during each session to maintain flexibility.

English by telephone - for conversation practice, to keep one's English fit, to improve confidence speaking English on the telephone. Times can be arranged during each session to maintain flexibility.

English Test Assessment.

English test and ability assessment can be optionally included at the end of a class or course; in the form of a Hamburg-English certificate (Common European Framework of Reference), or as an Authorised TOEIC Test Administrator and TOEIC Test Center, in the form of the internationally recognised TOEIC test certificate.

"With the additional experience and know-how required to tailor English language training exactly to customer needs."

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